Aug 282011

Welcome to the shameless promotion portion of my website. See, it’s promotion and utterly shameless because I want to see Kim perform again.

I first saw her in August 2008 when she and her sister Zoë (performing as Vermillion Lies) opened for Amanda Palmer at the Spiegeltent in NYC. (sidetrack: here’s a quick video from Amanda at that show that someone else in the audience took and posted to youtube.)

I saw her again at her last pre-sold show which was (a) in Brooklyn this June and (b) somehow happened outside of my radar so I didn’t get there in person so had to make do with the live feed.

Now, I hope to see her play live again in New York. Kim’s a big user of the kickstarter service and is “pre-booking” a tour through ten cities in the US. If there’s a little support, there’s a little show. Big support means a big show. No support at all, and I cry into my beer (but won’t livestream it).

New York is scheduled for November 12th and is currently about 86% funded. Regarding the promotion part – yes, Kim asked me to write this, but I don’t mind one whit. Let’s get the concerts funded.

I asked Kim a few questions by email about the concept:

DB: Tell me more about the pre-booking concept. What proportion of it was stepping into the void, and how much was building or expanding on what has come before?

KB: Other musicians fund tours on Kickstarter, but no-one else pre-sell shows this way. It’s really hard to get people to shows. But as I explained in my Kickstarter video, I’m not afraid of hard work. This is a way to harness the excitement and support of fans for the whole show process. It’s just so hard and expensive to tour and if a musician is worrying about money the whole time it sucks away a lot of the energy that should be going into the show.

DB: Can you compare this with the “house concert” concept which I’ve seen a lot of artists start using lately. I see both as a way to gain eyes and ears (especially via word of mouth, which I’m sure leads to a more cohesive audience). At what point do the unexpected costs of pre-booking, such as bringing your own stage as you had to do in Brooklyn, make it unviable?

KB: House shows are great, but they are not all that conducive to the style of show that I do. Mystery, sound systems, sets, lights. All important parts of a dynamic, electric show. It’s great to have the option to do all kinds of shows and not be limited to only houses or only clubs.

DB: When I first saw you perform, you were opening for Amanda Palmer. Who’s in the wings now? Who are the performers you are looking to help give some exposure to so their own musical path can get started?

KB: There are many talented people I’ve met on the road around the world. Currently I’m loving on several Melbourne based bands:

DB: Bonus question — any plans to tour with Amanda again? (by this, I mean in a location in or around New York that I have a half a hope of a chance of being able to attend?) What about plans to perform again with Zoë?

KB: [No answer, but I did get a pretty photo instead ...]


You can see the links for all ten shows here on kickstarter.

Kim — I’ll see you there.

Everyone else — I hope to see you there, too.

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